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Fall 2005








Name Tony Brown
A Day in the Life of Civilization in Quotation Marks Jane Cassady
Soldier's Things Lea C. Deschenes
There Will Be No Fiesta Today (A Poem for Ruben Salazar)
Jerry Garcia
Full Moon In Bravado Theresa Garcia
Old Cuba At Sunset Theresa Garcia
Polishing Only the Nose of the Bronze Statue of Christ Bob Hoeppner
Listeners (9/11 - 10/7/2001)
Joseph Hutchison
Call & Response (for A.D. Winans)
S.A. Griffin
Nature Rachel Kann
War upon you Daniel McGinn
The Kryptonite Kabala David Macpherson
Probe Elizabeth P.Glixman
Baghdad Gabriel Rosenstock
Salute This Jackie Sheeler
The Lifting (November 2, 2004)
Thomas R. Smith
How to Write a Political Poem J.E. Stanley
The Ministry of Emergency Situations Todd Swift
The L.I.F.E Foundation* of Emmett Till Fish Vargas
Parens Patriae Laura Lee Washburn
The Peaceable Kingdom (after Edward Hicks)
Laura Lee Washburn
Invocation of the Dead Lenore Weiss