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Fall 2005







Elizabeth P.Glixman

He didn't know the rules
And so he broke one.
Who knows which one?
But someone knew
Shot him in the temple,
He died in the ambulance.
His spirit flew done with this shit
He was dead only 23
In the city
where the first lacey US valentine factory was built.
He was dead in the city where Robert Goddard
dreamed about space flight infinity,
Madonna sang Esther
in the big centrum.
People used to be civilized
in the city where people want to remember
the cotton gin slavery
where Abbey Kelly Foster's memory lives.

No one leaves things alone
Revenge is on going as the polluted Blackstone River
wandering in bewildered silence
Knowing there are people standing above
walking on its water.
At a prayer vigil for the victim
Parent's cries flew home from Puerto Rico
To take one last look
to wonder at the made up face
that was their son.

Brothers shot two shots into the crowd of mourners
No one has been arrested yet the police say.
The candles the mourners carried blown out by rage
Pending the investigation.
People are being interviewed
They are celebrities
On the red carpet of his blood.

Other things are happening in this picture book town
where the first public park in America was built
For the pleasure of strolling and holding hands of toddlers.
She was at my door out of Charlie's Angels—
Police badge—
behind her plain clothes man
Pacing a caged tiger
talking on his cell phone,
Do you know?
Never tell
the unspoken word
even if you know nothing.
What's the blood on your hands?
Want a bite, brother?

Seven people,
14 bags of heroin,
Packaging material.
Cutting agents seized page 6 of the Gazette
Neighbors complained too much traffic while sleeping
No silence there.
Men and women aren't safe
in lie down bed dreams.

Brothers depopulating brothers—
systematically a coup—
Agent orange in a New England town
A whirl of colors—
languages—12 and counting,
Not one an anglo protestant settler
would know.

The town's shape colors transformed.
Red is the color of New England Winters,
No sleigh bells and horse drawn carriages
Only battering rams
And police seizing intoxicants,
from criminals disguised as people.