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THORSTEN BACON is a young poet from Minneapolis. His chapbook, "The Dark-Eyed Junco," in which his poem "Holiday Rituals" appears, is available from EM Press, postpaid, for $7 at 2813 29th Av. S. Mpls., MN 55406."

MARVIN D. BIBBY, following a successful career in youth corrections, has been writing feature articles and the occasional humor piece for outdoor magazines. Credits include: Outdoor Life, Wildfowl, Turkey Call and both Washington/Oregon and California Game & Fish Magazines.

RANDY CUNNINGHAM is a Cleveland-based essayist whose work has been published online, in literary journals, and in newspapers and trade journals. The literary and online journals have included: Wired Art from Wired Hearts, BigCity Lit, Out of Line, Under the Sun, and Big Muddy:A Journal of the Mississippi River Valley. One of his essays was included in a just released anthology of Cleveland writing, "Cleveland in Prose and Poetry." He has also been published in the Plain Dealer, the Cleveland Free Times, Earth Island Journal, Canoe & Kayak, Paddler and Nastawgan: the Journal of the Wilderness Canoe Association (Canada).

BRIAN DAUTH is a queer playwright and essayist living in Brooklyn with his husband Terrance. He has written on Joseph L. Mankiewicz for Senses of Cinema, which will publish his appreciation of Francis Ford Coppola in an upcoming issue.

RAY DAVEY is Slammaster Emeritus and Poet Laureate of Providence, Rhode Island.

LEA C. DESCHENES once found a five-leaf clover during a solar eclipse. A graphic/web designer by day, she is the author ten self-published chapbooks, most recently, "Bad For Me: Love Poems," and shopping four full-length poetry manuscripts. Her work has appeared in Spillway, Blue Satellite, Snakeskin, 2x4, "Incidental Buildings & Accidental Beauty" and "So Luminous the Wildflowers." She is currently pursuing her MFA in poetry from New England College.

MICHAEL C. FORD was born on the Illinois side of Lake Michigan. His debut spoken word vinyl (on SST) "Language Commando" earned a Grammy nomination in 1986. His book of Selected Poems "Emergency Exits" was honored by a 1998 Pulitzer Prize nomination. His CD "Fire Escapes" was put out in 1995 by New Alliance.

NICK FOX was raised in Sarasota, Florida and has never fully recovered. He is the founder of the Flagstaff Poetry Slam, and co-founder of the Northern Arizona University Spoken Word Collective and the NAU "Jacked Up" Poetry Slam.

MARTHA GARVEY'S writing has appeared in Salon, the New York Times, Bust, Bitch and in a variety of fiction anthologies, include three editions of "Best American Erotica," edited by Susie Bright.  She has also written two books on pet weight loss, "My Fat Dog" and "My Fat Cat." Her story "Q" previously appeared on

GARY HOARE is an artist and writer living in Worcester, Mass. He has disco in his soul.

BOB HOEPPNER was born in Connecticut and was raised there and in NY, OK and IL. As a teenager, he joined the Navy where he earned his dolphins serving on a nuclear fast attack submarine. After leaving the Navy he lived in Times Square and wrote plays, getting one staged reading on Off Off Broadway. He's been published in several places, both print and online.

ELIZABETH IANNACI currently serves as co-director of the Valley Contemporary Poets, hosts a monthly reading series for them, and has two chapbooks of poetry, Passions Casualties and the forthcoming Renoir's Daughter . Her work can be found in various publications, including Tebot Bach's anthology of California poets, " So Luminous the Wildflowers," "Invisible Planes: A Collection To and About Saints , Angels & Deities," Angel City Review, and Moondance .

RODGER D JENNINGS did not provide us a bio.

DAVID KEALI'I is currently the host of the Community Voices Poetry Open Mic in Westfield, Massachusetts. He has featured at Jester's and at the now defunct Black Sheep reading. He is known to attend various readings in Worcester and occasionally readings in Shelburne Falls. He is also working on a chapbook titled "Komohanaokala: The Entering In Of The Sun." He is currently serving one year as an Americorps*VISTA

DAVID MACPHERSON is a writer living in Worcester, Mass.

JACK MCCARTHY is a working guy from the Boston area who's been writing poetry since the mid-'60s. His book "Say Goodnight, Grace Notes," was released in 2003 by EM Press. His work has appeared in a number of anthologies, including "The Spoken Word Revolution."

DANIEL MCGINN has hosted the weekly reading at Beans Coffee House, been a regular contributor to Next Magazine and the O.C. Weekly and represented Los Angeles at the National Poetry Slams. He presently mans the book table and occasionally hosts the Tebot Bach reading series. He is the author of several chapbooks and his poems have appeared in many publications, most recently in Political Affairs, November 3rd Club, The Blue Mouse and Spillway.

JOE MCLAUGHLIN retired as an Associate Professor of English at Stark State College of Technology in Canton, Ohio. His newest collection of poems is "GREATEST HITS: 1970-2000," (Pudding House Publications, 2002). His poems and prose have recently been published in Pif (online), Ilya's Honey, Urban Spaghetti, Ohio Writer, and Small Press Review/Small Magazine Review. He is an active small press publisher (Pale Horse Press) with two new books (poetry) available by Phyllis Lee and Frank Kooistra. McLaughlin also helped to found the new Tuscarawas County Writers Guild.

RAY MCNIECE is the author of six poetry books: "Dis," "The Bone-Orchard Conga," "The Road that Carried Me Here," "Song that Fathoms Home," "Wet Sand Raven Tracks -New Haiku," and "Us? Talking Across America," as well as two solo theatre works and two music/poetry collaborations.

ERIC PETER lives in Northern California. His hot button political issues are: A.)Beyond your theories, beliefs, theology, and perception there is objective reality. Whichever one of us more closely represents objective reality is the one we ought to be listening to. B.) It's fine to suspect that a foreign leader is misbehaving, but if you bet the country's reputation on this claim and it doesn't turn out to be true you have fucked up royally. C.) When the cover of a NOC intelligence agent is blown the obligation of any American, especially Americans in the executive branch, is to deny, cover up, and conceal this information. D.) Keeping prisoners of any nationality indefinitely without charge or trial is a bad idea. E.) Torturing prisoners of any nationality to obtain actionable intelligence is counterproductive to that goal (not to mention a violation of international treaties and generally abhorrent).

THE RAYMOND SAPENE GROUP is an e-mail group devoted to the study of film and politics. It takes its name from the pseudonym the French film critic Serge Daney used for his most political work, which described and analyzed the exploitation of the Haitian people by land-owners, foreign interests and the tyrant "Baby Doc," the son of "Papa Doc" Duvalier.

PAUL CORMAN ROBERTS is a regular political/literary contributor to The Circle Online as well as the token poet in residence at Cherry Bleeds. His first collection of prose poems "The Abomunauts Are Coming To Piss On Your Lawn" is a tribute to the seminal "Abomunist Manifest" by beat poet Bob Kaufman, and is due out from Brave New World Order in 2006.

DEBORAH ROTHSCHILD lives in Houston, Texas, where she is a freelance writer, grandmother, feminist, and supporter of progressive causes. Recently her work has appeared in Accent , July Literary Press, Hello, Goodbye,  Houston Woman, Nerve Cowboy, Out of Time and The Weekly Telegraph.

JOHN SHUCK is a Vietnam-era veteran who is currently a registered nurse and working in a nursing home where he gets to hear that not all of our WWII veterans are in favor of this, "what shall we call it? I'm sure you have your own name for this debacle. I call it Vietnam War II."

LENORE WEISS lives in Oakland, CA, the daughter of Hungarian-American immigrants. Originally, from the South Bronx, she is a child of cities. The language and music of the urban scape is always in her ears. Her poetry has been published with Citizen32, Paterson Literary Review, les cahiers des femmes, Prism, Tiger's Eye, Blue Collar Review, Raven Chronicles, and others. In 2003 she was named as a finalist in the Poet & Writers "California Voices" contest. Her essay, "Stranger in Paradigm" was published by Allyn and Bacon, 2001, in "Writing A Professional Life: Stories of Technical Communicators On and Off the Job."  Lenore has published three chapbooks, and is working on a new project entitled, "The CellPhone Poems."

ANDRENA ZAWINSKI is the daughter and granddaughter of coal miners and mill workers in and around Pittsburgh, PA, where she was born and raised. She now lives in Oakland, CA, and teaches writing at a local community college. Her poems appear widely in print and online at publications including Quarterly West, California Quarterly, Rattle, Slipstream, ForPoetry, AdirondackReview, RainTiger, Triplopia, and others. Her full collection, "Traveling in Reflected Light," was released by Pig Iron Press as a Kenneth Patchen competition winner; her chapbook, "Zawinski's Greatest Hits 1991-2001," is part of Pudding House's invitational and archival series. She is also Features Editor at Her poem "Reading Life Into Stone" previously appeared in the Birmingham Poetry Review.

TONY ZURLO , after teaching in Nigeria with the Peace Corps in his careless youth, soared into carefree middle age and landed in China. While struggling to persuade Chinese students that the United States has a culture, they convinced him that he was really Chinese in his prior life, probably a corrupt Qing Dynasty official. As a result, his karma was so negative he was sentenced to reincarnation as an American trapped in Texas. So, reluctantly he returned, disguised as a college teacher. To confuse the public further, Tony wears a beard and pretends to be a writer/poet. To conceal from editors his age, gender, size, race, religion, politics, and other private predispositions, Tony survives folded up in a small room in Arlington, Texas, in perpetual meditation of the authenticity of virtual reality. His most ambition project is forthcoming: a novel titled Alice in Cyberland , which will be Tony's long-awaited book about how to survive in a world ruled by aliens.