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Winter 2006







Fall 2005



Holiday Rituals Thorsten Bacon
Witness Ray Davey
Life During Wartime Lea C. Deschenes
Vietnam//Peace Casualties Michael C. Ford
What Jerry Learned Over There
Nick Fox
A Suicide Bomber Watches "Survivor" Bob Hoeppner
U.S.S. PRESIDENT Elizabeth Iannaci
For Mr. Delany and Mr. Williams David Keali'I
Double Dative Jack McCarthy
Dreaming of Warsaw Daniel McGinn
Lord Weariness
Joe McLaughlin
Tanks Are Rolling
Ray McNiece
Revised Pledge Of Allegiance In Anticipation
Of The Suspension Of Free Elections
In The Year Of Our Lord 2008

Paul Corman Roberts
6205 Days in Lovelady, Texas
Deborah Rothschild
Short Life Long Lesson John Shuck
Listening to a Funeral Oration for Rosa Parks
at the Gas Pump
Lenore Weiss
Reading Life Into Stone Andrena Zawinski
President Firefly Declares War on LSD Tony Zurlo