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Winter 2006

Fall 2005


MARCUS BALES lives in Cleveland, Ohio. Not much is known about him except that he hosts the Every Saturday at Noon Poetry Reading at Gallery 324 in the Galleria downtown; visiting featured readers are welcome -- no pay but the honor and glory of the thing: .

RICHARD BEBAN is poetry co-editor for "The November 3rd Club."

TONY BROWN is a poet from Worcester, MA, and has been publishing for many years. His work has appeared in various magazines, and was included in "100 Poets Against the War" (2003, Salt Publishing, London).

DANIEL COSHNEAR is the author of "Jobs & Other Preoccupations" (Helicon Nine 2000).

CAMILLE DE TOLEDO of Paris, France, was born in 1976. He studied history in London, photography and cinema in New York. His film was an Official Selection of the Cannes Film Festival in 2002. "SuperHip JoliPunk" is his first book, Blake Ferris' English translation of which is being published in the United States by Soft Skull Press.

BARBARA DEMARCO-BARRETT is host of "Writers on Writing," a weekly radio show that airs on KUCI-FM. She is editor of The ASJA Monthly, the publication for the American Society of Journalists and Authors. Her nonfiction has been published in the Los Angeles Times, The Writer, Poets and Writers, Writer's Digest, Pages, and more. She teaches writing UC-Irvine Extension where she won a Distinguished Instructor award in 2001. Her first book, "Pen On Fire: A Busy Woman's Guide to Igniting the Writer Within," was released by Harcourt in October of 2004 and made the Los Angeles Times bestseller list the week of October 24. In April it won the American Society of Journalists and Authors 2005 Outstanding Book Award. Her Web site is .

ELENA KARINA BYRNE is a visual artist, teacher, editor, Poetry Consultant and Moderator for The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, and former 12 year Regional Director of the Poetry Society of America. She has organized readings for the University of Southern California's Doheny Memorial Library, the J. Paul Getty Center GRI, and the Chateau Marmont. Currently she is Literary Programs Director for The Ruskin Art Club and the Museum Of Contemporary Art's Night Vision poetry programs. She is also working with Red Car studios on a poetry film-clip project. Elena was the 2005 Poetry Co-Editor for The Los Angeles Review. A ten time Pushcart Prize nominee, Elena's many recent publications, include, The Yale Review, Paris Review, American Poetry Review, Poetry, Volt, Denver Quarterly, Colorado Review, Virginia Quarterly Review, Ploughshares, Verse, The Journal, TriQuarterly, Poetry Daily Anthology, Anthology of Magazine Verse & Yearbook of American Poetry, Spunk and Bite: a writer's guide to punchier, more engaging language and style, and "Best American Poetry 2005." "The Flammable Bird" is available with Zoo Press; "MASQUE" is forthcoming with Tupelo Press; Elena's work in progress includes "Voyeur Hour," "The Fable Language," and a collection of essays entitled, "Insignificance."

THERESA CECILIA GARCIA is a former elementary school teacher turned writer and has been a member of Francis Ford Coppola's Zoetrope site for a year now. Apart from writing poetry, she also ventures into flash fiction, short stories, screenplays and songwriting.

DEBORAH GRABIEN is the author of St. Martin's Minotaur "Haunted Ballads" mystery series, can claim a long personal acquaintance with the fleshpots -- and quiet little towns -- of Europe. She has lived and worked from London to Geneva to Paris to Florence, with a few stops in between. For the past twenty-two years, she's called San Francisco home. She specializes in both medieval history (with an emphasis on the Plantagenet line) and Elizabethan drama, although these days, she's as interested in the collected songs of those periods as she is in the politics. She's been married to Nicholas Grabien since 1983. Although the only crimes they solve are fictional ones, they do play music together - Nic is a bassist, while Deborah plays guitar and keyboards. They share a passion for rescuing cats and finding them homes; at the moment, they share their rambling Victorian house with fourteen of the feline persuasion. Deborah has a daughter, Joanna, who lives in New York.

DANIELLE GRILLI is a poet whom we know little about.

D.-ALLEN GUTHRIE is a poet we know little about.

STEVE HALLE is a poet, teacher and coach from Palatine, IL.  He graduates from the New England College MFA Program in Poetry in July 2006.  Steve edits the online blog-journal Seven Corners ( ), which features "innovative" Chicago poets.  His poetry has been published in PFS Post, Tusitala, and ROAR.  He has also published articles in Review Revue, Spectrum and McKnight's Long Term Care News.

GARY HICKS is a poet living in the Boston area, and a longtime staple of the Wednesday night poetry slam at the CanTab Lounge in Cambridge, Mass.

BOB HOEPPNER was born in Connecticut and was raised there and in NY, OK, and  IL. As a teenager, he joined the Navy where he earned his dolphins serving on a nuclear fast attack submarine. After leaving the Navy he lived in Times Square and wrote plays, getting one staged reading on Off Off Broadway. He's been published in several places, both print and online.

ERIKA JAHNEKE learned all she knows about faith rounding out the third generation (on her mother's side) of yellow-dog Democrats in her family in Goldwater Country. This is also how she's kept stocked in homicidal impulses, fueling her ambition to be the Pelecanos of the Southwest. Parts of the bus accident really happened, and she suspects she kept writing stories as an adult so her biography wouldn't look like "Glass of Coke. Almost got shagged. Glass of Coke." Feedback is her strongest weakness, so you can reach her here: .

GARY LEMMONS spent two years at the Iowa City Writers Workshop in the early 1970s, where he had the good fortune to have Norman Dubie as a teacher. Since that time he has worked almost every job a person can do outdoors with two hands to support himself while writing poetry. He is grateful for the aberration in his compass that set me along the path, in the words of Bertold Brecht, of "becoming a true human being" early in his life. The path is long and the work never ends. Another reason to be grateful."

ROZ KAVENEY is a UK resident who has lived in the US a bit. She has a certain distinction in the SF field as a critic, has at various points been seriously involved in civil liberties and anticensorship politics and writes for various reasonably reputable newspapers and periodicals. Her works include "Reading The Vampire Slayer: The New, Updated Unofficial Guide to Buffy and Angel" and "From Alien To The Matrix: Reading Science Fiction Film."

BILL KROHN is the author of "Hitchcock at Work" and the recently published "The Complete Films of Luis Bunuel." He's the Los Angeles correspondent for Cahiers du Cinema and reviews films for The Economist.

JACK MCGUANE was born in 1927 in Valley Stream, Long Island, and lived there until he was almost 30. In 1957, he married Kathleen Moriarty and that is still going on. His five children are grown and are growing children of their own, six so far. In 1974 they all moved to Lakewood, Ohio, where he and Kathleen still live in the same house along with two of the above children. He retired from "produc tive " employment in 1997 and has been writing, resting and annoying his wife ever since.

CHRIS MOONEY-SINGH was born in Australia and lives, writes and performs in Singapore. He is the author of 5 solo and joint poetry collections including "The Infinity Track" (2003) and "The House of Winter" (1990). In 1992 he co-edited "The Penguin Book of Christmas Poems." Poetry-music-fusion CDs include "Living the Land of the Durian Eaters" (2005), "The Celestial Voyage" (1999) and "Indian City" (1997). Mooney-Singh has performed at international festivals and is the founder of Poetry Slam in Singapore.

KELLY MORELLO is a photographer living in Western Mass. Her work has been seen in galleries from San Diego, CA, to New York City. Her images can be shocking, sweet and disturbing all at once. These photos are her attempt at coming to terms with past experiences reflecting this country's current angst. She supposes Willy Wonka could best describe life in her darkroom when he said: "Inside this room all of my dreams become realities and some of my realities become dreams."

ANDREW RECTOR is an independent filmmaker living in Los Angeles.

STEPHEN SMITH: 9 March 1946 / Wallace Idaho / 6' 2" / 173. Poet 42 yrs, artist 41 yrs, publisher 20 yrs, 4 yrs. 1950s: farm boy cow milker chicken/rabbit/hog waste remover hod carrier. 1960s: paper boy car thief house wrecker sailor electronics technician poet USNA midshipman artist hippie life insurance salesman husband. 1970s: chemist armed robber prison cook bankrupt graphic arts salesman avant-garde theatre manager Bethlehem Steel extraman college graduate newspaper film/music critic milkman women's shoe salesman divorced computer operator drug dealer carnival laborer adulterer church janitor. 1980s: programmer analyst drunk condo owner publisher/editor celibate. 1990s: near dead sober European traveler. 2000s: unemployed agent of chaos cancer remarried expatriate.

TRUTH THOMAS is a student in the MFA in Poetry program at New England College.

LENORE WEISS is fiction co-editor for "The November 3 rd Club."

PHIL WEST is a thirtysomething writer who just moved back to Austin after six years in San Antonio. He probably needs to lay off the breakfast tacos but they're oh so good. His most recent book of poetry is "The Arsenal of Small Stars."

MARY WEEMS Ph.D. is a poet, playwright, and educational consultant from Cleveland, Ohio. She's had four chapbooks published: "Blackeyed" (Burning Press, 1994), "Fembles" (Bowling Green, 1996), "white" (Wick Chapbook, Kent State, 1997), and "Tampon Class" (Pavement Saw Press, 2005). "Don't Walk" is part of new manuscript of poems titled "The Unmistakable Shade of Red."

MAGGIE WESTLAND grew up in Kentucky, where she earned a BA in English and an MD degree.  Her poetry has appeared in Avatar Review, Guardian Unlimited, Daybreak, Never Bury Poetry, The Forge, Grinnell Review, New South Revue, NC Award Winning Poems and Mademoiselle.

TONY WILLIAMS is the author of "Structures of Desire: British Cinema, 1939-1955," "The Cinema of George A. Romero" and "Body and Soul: The Cinematic Vision of Robert Aldrich" among other books. He has also written on contemporary Asian cinema, the Viet Nam War in film and literature, the fiction of Jack London and James Jones, and topics in classical Hollywood cinema.

SHOLEH WOLPÉ is a poet and translator who was born in Iran but spent most of her teen years in the Caribbean and Europe, ending up in the U.S. where she pursued Masters degrees in Radio-TV-Film (Northwestern University) and Public Health (Johns Hopkins University). She is the author of "The Scar Saloon" (Red Hen Press) and has a CD by the same title. Her poems, translations and reviews have been published in many literary journals and anthologies in the U.S., Canada, Europe and The Middle East. Sholeh is the recipient of several awards for her poetry and is the director and host of Poetry at the Loft . and more, a successful cultural arts venue in Redlands, California. She divides her time between Redlands and Los Angeles, California.