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There Is No Peace for Wild Things
Daniel McGinn

Inside of me there are no soldiers
No flags, no governments
No bombs tearing limbs from children

We send our offspring
To the other side of the world
And we worry about the price of oil

We feel pain at the gas pump
We turn on the television
We fade away

There is no peace for wild things
No field where there was a field
The frogs are disappearing

My water smells of chlorine
Blight has overtaken my garden

The stars have been replaced
By streetlights and signage

I was walking the parking lot at a job sight
Near the Green River in Renton Washington
When I came across a great blue heron standing
Between white stripes on fresh asphalt. He stood
Tall as my neck and his eye was prehistoric
Casting a shadow upon me he opened his wings
And rose in the air. At that moment I was afraid

Tonight I set the digital thermostat
And make my bed in America
I sleep deep and wake to be entertained
By sex, violence and video screens

In the global village
The family eats by the television

There are only crows now
My childhood creek has grown silent