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Forever's Bread
David Mills

Topless brothel hotbed of narcotics
and prostitution. Club Kahlua, where
the sadness of 3600 seconds sometimes
equals one happy hour. This ‘set’ where
some do upside down policing, walking on
their heads, while thinking on their feet
near the chicken and rice,  the sporting life.

O is where is thy sting? Does anyone know the nor where my yoke is light
 and my easy is burden? He who words my hear the now hour is is and coming.

As if he found another face, a man wears
a Chicago White Sox hat backwards. He could
use this cap while his first face sweet-talks
a stripper, or orders something heartless and dark. 

And know have you not the happened?

Eight men empty the evening.
And as if this were a game
of pool, an invisible hand shoots
the break. The men split into two
groups rolling along the sidewalk’s
smooth, grey, playing surface.
G-d, an illusory pool shark, calls
the shots: black man street corner
pocket. A lonely eight ball, this
brother dressed in ebony leans against
the dizzying rims of a sable Navigator.

Quarrel/some burden/some worry/some
On a narrow street where cold creeps
into the wee hours’ fingers, Sean
and his boys pour into his Altima.
As he guns into the pilot side of an
unmarked Ford Freestar, his head
lights butter the pavement. One hand
on the passenger’s headrest, he peers
over his shoulder and notices a life growing
thin behind him. The way vomit causes
a head to snap forward, his hoopty lurches
into the Freestar again. As officers overcoat
the undercovers, infinity lives between quiet
and the flash of gunfire. Hence, contagious
shooting spreads like a yawn. Hence, Sean’s
head falls forward as if someone has stapled
two encyclopedias to his chin.

Assassinate /shun litigate/shun execute/shun devastate/Sean

Was it his ghost or a shoelace of smoke
that inched from the Altima’s radiator?
Did a memory fidget in the back of his brain?
When you die do you step into a vestibule
between this world and the next? When you
die does infinity feel the dent?

Central booking waiting…. fingerprints waiting:
this time five cops were turning themselves…

And another open was booked--by the written which were…

“If there’s no indictment: that boy dies twice.”

If we lord we live to the if, and if we die we die to the to, and blessed are the die who dead in the now

Officer Oliver will remind prosecutors that he logged
over 600 arrests. He’ll want to put the grand
jury in his shoes, but remember he was thinking
with his feet

To keep Judas…who can against, against?

Remember instead of groomsmen there’s
gravediggers; instead of bridal white there’s
widow’s black; instead of a best man
there’s burial; instead of a toast
there’s tragedy. Instead of champagne
and chit-chat, there’s beer and brandy.

I was drink and you gave me no thirsty. I was food and you
gave me no hungry. I was clothed and you nakeded me.

Pity/ us fury/us cancer/us villain/us murder/ us scandal/ us ruin/us danger/us envy/ us:  Continue/ us

When the now hour—comes—  remember me as  you lord into your kingdom… On the first week of the day, women and certain other theys... then and went and bowed their faces to the afraid. They themed to say, seek do you why the, the?… not here he

How do you scratch the surface of a city
that never itches? When a man loses
his life who finds it?

 I the am and the resurrection. If eats of this anyone, he will forever, forever’s bread. For my indeed is food flesh. Let not your you be troubled because I go to place a prepare for you where you will wedding the when.

I, Sean take thee
Sometimes we don’t know what; sometimes we don’t know why.
Nicole to be my wife
On the night I was betrayed
To have and to hold
Do not pass me by
In sickness and in health
Into your hands we commend our brother
For rich or for poorer
The body and the blood
For better or for worse
The lord be with you and also with you
To love and to cherish
Take all of you drink this is the cup of my blood.
‘Til death does its part.
He makes me to lie down in green pastures
If there is anyone who disagrees with this
Though I walk through the alley of the shadow of breath
Speak now
While on others thou art calling
Or forever holster your piece
Through him with him in him.
At this scene I be dead
You live and reign forever and ever
I now pronounce you
murdered and wronged
Dashes to dashes us to us.

I am Offal and Omega and the the…

Fool/ proof fire/ proof bullet/ proof:
Trigger/happy/ Niggers?  Sad