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broad day light
(for condoleeza rice)
Ebony Noelle Golden

a circle of elders  
            decide whether to dry up your womb
            like a clay pot full of sun
            or curse a tribe of pale faces upon you

brew a celestial tea in hopes
the embedded demon becomes particle
unearth sacred text to find some
some oil some
                        latch to unhinge your puppet tongue
gather your vagina back between your legs
i. v.  melanin into the holes and crevices of your cracker body

this circle of elder women
miles of silver locks between them
wrapped in muslin and linen   scornful eyed
            amethyst hearted  confer
as you rest in your scandinavian sleigh bed

oh condi beware of the women who wake
before dawn   keep a table of    blue   yellow and white candles
lit for seven days
                        beware the women who talk
                        to themselves and walk towards the moonlight

what is gravity to the universal evil

a circle of elders
perched on thrones of mist
and rainbow saddened
                        angered by your lust for pork and shiny things

they are relentless
they are relentless
and got the sun and the rain and the orbit on their side

what is gravity to the universal evil
swine faces perimeter
salted necks   drink up her 
putrid flesh sour tongue   partial
brain  half remembers the peals
of morning sun

fingers prod decay scratch
crotch  sniff snatch      swine man tests
tightness   of future backyard black
girl pleasure    her smile spreads
like hot banana 

ripe   she yields no melon
through brittle screams
                        she all
belly   back  and throat dance
            just rose garden darkie  white
house work woman     oh  mama

you got a congress of dicks where
amazing grace used to live     lodged
in an esophagus that gapes and spurts  
                        smile  like dribbles
of spring light    swine

men hunch you
oceanless    you are their   antebellum
memory fuck  fucked motionless voiceless
            manicured hottentot
            openmouthed dishrag

put back amethyst in your pouch       smile like a gourd of stream water

i witness your bottomless eyes
skim sunlight horizon   yearn
home    aloe vera
rubbed in wounds  relaxing
of eye muscle   a music you can breathe through

put back amethyst in your pouch       smile like a gourd of stream water