Fall 2009

That Straight Talk Americans Are Craving

Jarita Davis

Hey, can I call ya Sarah?

I been havin a hard time
taking ya seriously, there,
being the folksy hockey mom
and having that "Sarah Baracuda"
and what with the bloody caribou
dyin in the snow, there.
And the moose hunting, also.

But ya know, you're right, though
sayin how Americans
are craving that straight talk
and I'll betcha
if ya go to a kids' soccer game
or to a hockey game, there
or to a softball game, also
and just, ya know
turn to any parent
there on the sidelines, too
and say, "Hey!
What's a bulldog wearing lipstick
anyway, do ya think?"
I betcha you're gonna hear
some fear in that parent's voice.
And I guess that parent might say, also,
"Perhaps a dangerous, ya know
possibly rabid, attack dog, there
that being also
one of God's beautiful creatures
bless its heart
and rubbing Vaseline on its teeth
like Alaskan beauty queens
always smiling, too,
on camera?"

Now, if ya think that parent
being a hockey mom
across the nation, also
would say, "The ideal VP candidate,"
Well, I'm gonna have to disagree with ya there.
And again, I'll betcha they're not even gonna say
"hockey mom," but, perhaps, even
"What in the heck is Palin
rambling on about now?"
Darn right, they will.

Now, the people of America,
the hardworking
middle class folks, too,
being people
who are people like me
and not how you are
being an elected government official, also
they do take issue
and I do, also,
being a Mainstreeter like me
with a kitchen table, too
and wantin that straight talk
that's what Americans want
knowin how callin McCain a "maverick"
doggone it
just don't make him one
and knowin also how too
even if he were taking hits
from both sides of that aisle, there
he couldn't, also, at the same time
bring folks together
putting the country
back on the side
of the American people
being bipartisan.

Cause, ya know
when America sits around that kitchen table
like we do here on Main Street
having no view of Russia
but wanting healthcare, also
we are craving that straight talk
that, with all due respect
comes from someone
who does a heck of a lot more than
just say, "Gettin down to it and gettin the job done."
What folks want to know, also
is, "Hey! What is 'it'?
Just what job are ya talking about, there?"
And wantin, too, someone
with a darned good idea
how in the heck to do it, even.

I guess what I mean, here
is what every day American people
the Joe Six-Packs are wantin
is someone who knows that, ya know
a surge in Iraq just isn't an exit strategy.
Darn right, it's not.
And too, calling John McCain a leader
in banking regulation
forgets how his being
one of those Keating Five, that
with all due respect
shored up the deregulation
that is hurting our economy
of the American people
and too, the savings and loan scandals
of the 80s also.
That is unpatriotic.

So now, Sarah
say it ain't so.
Sayin it
ain't so.
Sayin it don't make it so,

And ya know, also
the chant isn't
"Drill, baby drill."
I mean, doggone it
the chant is
"Yes. We. Can."
you betcha we can.
And you betcha
we will.