Winter 2010

The end of hope is the beginning
of something better

Marc Solomon

Betrayal is a pretty strong word. Yet it's hard not to believe that you don't feel it. For those who are liberals, I imagine it has been quite a slide since 2008.  Why should things be any different now, politicians are politicians. But you were are promised a lot. Change? Is there anyone out there, from any side, who is not dismayed?

This is not just about the president. You elected a Congress to go with him. You thought you issued a mandate: you wanted something different. You wanted honesty and openness. You wanted an end to the horrors of the Bush regime.  You wanted peace.

What have you gotten? We have war, more war, endless war. We have a crumbling economy, dollars printed like confetti, jobs dropping every day.  We have a president making deals with banks and insurance companies and car companies and labor union bosses.  Billions of dollars hurled in all directions, but to what end? An inexplicable series of events, starting with the repetition, almost verbatim, of Bush's policies. More money given to Wall Street.  Trampling of your personal liberties and rights, your right to marry you want. Was the USA PATRIOT act repealed, did he even ask? No, he pursued illegal and invasive destruction of your privacy. Did he save anyone's homes from foreclosure?  Did your hear of any?  Of one? I haven't.

So who got all our money? Banks too large to fail, insurance companies to large to fail, car companies to large to fail. Try some fun math, divide all the stimulus money by the number of households. Wouldn't you have preferred a check?

Did you get universal health care?  Or just a taxation monster that can invade your health choices and penalize your employer for providing you with more than the minimum (unless you are in one of special government unions, of course).

But let's not forget the unconstitutional mutant third leg of this government, the Federal Reserve. In the last quarter, the Federal Reserve made the largest single profit of any entity in history, even greater than Exxon. For doing what? For printing fake money, forcing banks to take it, along with the banks that didn't deserve it, and then collected windfall interest in the shell game.  The secret bankers who own it, friends of the politicians on both sides of the aisle, did just fine.

How are you doing?

Did congress pursue the Federal Reserve, hold hearings, demand audits, accountability, take their bonuses? Did your president cry out for justice and have his attorney general investigate and indict the Federal Reserve for fraud and counterfeiting?

You've been betrayed.

Most Americans who call themselves liberals are decent, caring human beings. I don't consider it a sin to want others not to suffer. I don't consider it wrong to not want others to go hungry. Our only difference is in tactics. But I urge you to see, finally see, that using the Government to achieve noble goals always ends in disappointment and betrayal.  The far right got used and now you have been used.  The elites use you all, and against each other, laughing at the show.

The ruling class always wins.  Unless we remove them while we can and stop this from happening again.

Listen: I'm not gloating. Even though I voted for neither this president nor his bumbling incoherent opponent, I have never wished ill on this country for making bad decisions.  I didn't want you to be betrayed, and certainly none of us could have imagined the degree of it you have had to suffer at the hands of this man.

Let's join together in getting out of this. The system is the ultimate betrayer. You elected a man and a Congress and believed the system would change. That was the mistake. In order for us to have a new start with each other, to end the name-calling and hard feelings, we have to break the system that only thrives on our division, our distrust of each other. We have to stop listening to the talking heads and listen to our neighbors.

To end the beast that continues to wreck our present and future, we must end the culture of the political elite. That can only be undone by electing an all new Congress and limiting terms, constitutionally, in the Senate and in the house to a total of no more than 12 years. That is two Senate terms or six House terms. Public service is an honor and a responsibility. It should not be a lucrative career with pension and lifelong benefits.  The only way people turn from being our servants into our masters is to allow them the feeling that they have a right to that position. Winning an election does not bestow nobility. Do you get the feeling that Congress acts like that, our betters? Forcing them come back to our society after 12 years and facing their neighbors will drive the necessary perspective and humility into their hearts.

I am suggesting, like my friend Wayne Allen Root, that we throw the bums out. All of them.  I don't care for which party. They betrayed you.  You gave them a majority, a clear dictate and they ignored you. There is no more time for excuses and finger-pointing. Our nation doesn't have much longer before it is owned entirely by the Chinese, before we become a third world nation. Look at your investments, your savings account, your checkbook.  Look at your kids, when do they get sent to a hellhole to fight a fake war?  When does your door get bashed down for writing the wrong thing on the Internet?  Enjoy flying these days – like a convict? Where do you stand now? Where will you stand?

The worst that could happen is that we get a fresh start.

Update:  As this article was written a few days before the Massachusetts senatorial election, I thought it appropriate to mention that the ball appears to be rolling.  Although I am no fan of Scott Brown, I am, like many readers of the November 3rd club, a fan of change.