Summer 2010



We have dashes for lineage, 
gashed appendages 
that drip 
like master's images 
of European messiahs.

We got paddy wagons and radio flyers, 
media town criers howling hysteria 
to sellers and buyers. 
We got liars with plumes 
and pins and needles,
sins and feeble-shouldered
self-assuming moguls
sitting at the top of totems and
we owe them taxes.

We got AIDS and rashes but we don’t have potions.
We got buses and cards but we don’t have tokens
We got million-dollar houses but our homes still broken
We leave no child behind but our schools are closin.
We are the few, the proud, the chosen, the smothered
We got pillows but we don’t have comfort.
We got rabbits and dildos but we don’t use rubbers

We got clinics but we don’t have blue shields or blue crosses.
We got boys in blue that put black boys in coffins.
We don’t hear about it often but sometimes we do,
over our morning coffee, during our daily commute...

We got traffic, so sometimes we’re tardy.
Sometimes we’re absent cuz the night before we partied
We are truant but we aint true,
been wearing masks since before swine flu.

We are fluent. We are movement.

We are diasporas of black music.
We are jazz and rap and blues.
We chase green, but see red like bulls
but we try to be better.
We got levers and pulleys.
We have digital warfare and cyberbullies
We ask jeeves, query google but they never answer fully...

We got full moons and empty bellies
We got gowns and teddies and hooker boots but there is no good night.
We support our troops but there is no "good" fight.
We have rights except when it comes to fags and dykes.
We don’t like them.
We are them.
We are at war against and for them.

And we take it all or have nothin
cuz table scraps will never be enough when we know we have it all.
We got stonewalls and bricks,
cliffs and precipices,
coups and kisses,
clues but no mystics 
to decipher what comes after the

We have critics but
we don’t listen. We have ipods.
We have many gods but we don’t know we’re pagan.
We got Obama but we almost had Palin.
We don’t expect smooth sailin, but we aint stayin the course
We don’t just shoot the messenger. We kill the source.
We got the torch, but it aint passin thru here.
We got about ten thousand of them flashin blue spheres...

We are voyeurs. We are kinks.
We are links that bind and break for closure.
We got composure but we don’t got peace.
We got pieces on the street
but we don’t got slices.
We don’t get raises,
but we get higher prices
We sing god’s praises,
then return to our vices...

We are wicked.
But we could be close-fisted,
leading a resistance so monolithic
that radars can't even pick it up.
We have the world and we can lift it up.
We have potential.
We can progress.
We could be the prophecy and the prophetess.
We can be the generation without regrets.
We could have so much more when we take less.
We can resolve.
We can evolve.